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Attention: Healthcare Workers, First Responders, Mental Health Professionals, Social Workers, and Educators


Due to the pervasive stressors associated with the Covid 19 pandemic, personal and professional commitments, changes in our work environments, and the risk of increased levels of anxiety and depression, the Center and the Institute are offering free trainings and workshops to help frontline workers stay resilient.

These trainings are designed to help frontline professionals mitigate the negative impacts of stress and trauma and learn new ways to remain resilient and engaged in their profession. These trainings are also designed to be adapted to the needs of each profession, so your feedback on the “best” way to deliver the training is appreciated.

The Vermont Center for Responder Wellness is a comprehensive treatment center for first responders. The Center uses a multi-disciplinary approach to healing traumatic stress. It treats trauma at its core by using EMDR, biofeedback, and trauma-informed yoga as tools to help responders heal from their trauma.


Sonny Provetto, a former police officer, is a clinical consultant and licensed therapist specializing in critical incident stress and trauma in law enforcement and other trauma-exposed organizations. He provides services for police officers, firefighters, EMTs, corrections personnel, and child protection workers.


In addition to being a prominent trauma expert, Sonny has presented at national conferences and to general audiences. Some topics include building resiliency in police organizations, the implementation of wellness and development programs, and how to address secondary traumatic stress in corrections and child protection workers. 2018 EMDRIA Advocacy Award winner for the support and advancement of EMDR with first responders.


Please call the front desk at (802) 661-HERO prior to filling out all forms.

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